verb \ˈleŋ(k)-thən, ˈlen(t)-\

: to become longer

: to make (something) longer

length·enedlength·en·ing \ˈleŋ(k)th-niŋ, ˈlen(t)th-; ˈleŋ(k)-thə-, ˈlen(t)-\

Full Definition of LENGTHEN

transitive verb
:  to make longer
intransitive verb
:  to grow longer
length·en·er \ˈleŋ(k)th-nər, ˈlen(t)th-; ˈleŋ(k)-thə-, ˈlen(t)-\ noun

Examples of LENGTHEN

  1. The days lengthened with the approach of spring.
  2. Proper care will lengthen the life of the engine.
  3. lengthen a pair of trousers

First Known Use of LENGTHEN

14th century


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