adjective \ˈla-vish\

: giving or using a large amount of something

: given in large amounts

: having a very rich and expensive quality

Full Definition of LAVISH

:  expending or bestowing profusely :  prodigal
a :  expended or produced in abundance
b :  marked by profusion or excess
lav·ish·ly adverb
lav·ish·ness noun

Examples of LAVISH

  1. a lavish display of flowers
  2. <this lavish consumption of our natural resources simply cannot continue>

Origin of LAVISH

Middle English laves, lavage, probably from Middle French lavasse, lavache downpour of rain, from laver to wash — more at lavage
First Known Use: 15th century

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Definition of LAVISH

transitive verb
:  to expend or bestow with profusion :  squander

Examples of LAVISH

  1. <doting parents lavishing lots of attention on their children>
  2. <a great actor who lavished his talent in lousy movies>

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