adjective ex·u·ber·ant \ig-ˈzü-b(ə-)rənt\

: very lively, happy, or energetic : filled with energy and enthusiasm

: existing in large amounts : very plentiful

Full Definition of EXUBERANT

:  extreme or excessive in degree, size, or extent <exuberant prosperity>
a :  joyously unrestrained and enthusiastic <exuberant praise> <an exuberant personality>
b :  unrestrained or elaborate especially in style :  flamboyant <exuberant architecture>
:  produced in extreme abundance :  plentiful <exuberant foliage and vegetation>
ex·u·ber·ant·ly adverb

Examples of EXUBERANT

  1. His exuberant personality makes him fun to be around.
  2. <exuberant crowds rushed to greet the returning national champions in collegiate basketball>
  3. Steven Spielberg's career has been famously schizoid. On the one hand, he has made films borne aloft by exuberant juvenility (the Indiana Jones pictures, Jurassic Park, and so forth); on the other hand, he has made mature films of serious intent (The Color Purple, Schindler's List, Saving Private Ryan). And … there is also a third hand: he has combined those two types, most notably in Close Encounters of the Third Kind, in which he transmuted a fascinating science fiction film into near-theology. —Stanley Kauffmann, New Republic, 23 July 2001


Middle English, from Middle French, from Latin exuberant-, exuberans, present participle of exuberare to be abundant, from ex- + uber fruitful, from uber udder — more at udder
First Known Use: 15th century

Synonym Discussion of EXUBERANT

profuse, lavish, prodigal, luxuriant, lush, exuberant mean giving or given out in great abundance. profuse implies pouring forth without restraint <profuse apologies>. lavish suggests an unstinted or unmeasured profusion <a lavish party>. prodigal implies reckless or wasteful lavishness threatening to lead to early exhaustion of resources <prodigal spending>. luxuriant suggests a rich and splendid abundance <a luxuriant beard>. lush suggests rich, soft luxuriance <a lush green lawn>. exuberant implies marked vitality or vigor in what produces abundantly <an exuberant imagination>.
EXUBERANT Defined for Kids


adjective ex·u·ber·ant \ig-ˈzü-bə-rənt\

Definition of EXUBERANT for Kids

:  filled with energy and enthusiasm <The audience applause … rose in an exuberant swell … — Lois Lowry, The Giver>
ex·u·ber·ance \-bə-rəns\ noun
Medical Dictionary


adjective ex·u·ber·ant \ig-ˈzü-b(ə-)rənt\

Medical Definition of EXUBERANT

:  characterized by extreme proliferation <exuberant granulation tissue> <remarkably exuberant metastatic calcification—Sandy Muspratt>


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