verb \ˈlād\
lad·edladed or lad·en \ˈlā-dən\ lad·ing

Definition of LADE

transitive verb
a :  to put a load or burden on or in :  load
b :  to put or place as a load especially for shipment :  ship
c :  to load heavily or oppressively
:  dip, ladle
intransitive verb
:  to take on cargo :  load <a place for ships to lade>
:  to take up or convey a liquid by dipping

Examples of LADE

  1. <the cook laded the stew into small bowls>
  2. <the trucks were heavily laden with produce for the market>

Origin of LADE

Middle English, from Old English hladan; akin to Old High German hladan to load, Old Church Slavic klasti to place
First Known Use: before 12th century


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