noun \ˈspün\

: an eating or cooking tool that has a small shallow bowl attached to a handle

Full Definition of SPOON

:  an eating or cooking implement consisting of a small shallow bowl with a relatively long handle
:  something (as a tool or fishing lure) that resembles a spoon in shape

Examples of SPOON

  1. <an assortment of metal and wooden spoons should be part of every cook's culinary arsenal>

Origin of SPOON

Middle English, from Old English spōn splinter, chip; akin to Old High German spān splinter, chip
First Known Use: 14th century

Rhymes with SPOON



: to move or pick up (food) with a spoon

Full Definition of SPOON

transitive verb
:  to take up and usually transfer in a spoon
intransitive verb
[perhaps from the Welsh custom of an engaged man's presenting his fiancée with an elaborately carved wooden spoon] :  to make love by caressing, kissing, and talking amorously :  neck

Examples of SPOON

  1. She spooned the gravy onto her potatoes.
  2. He spooned the ice cream into a bowl.

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