noun \lə-ˈkü-nə, -ˈkyü-\

: a gap or blank space in something : a missing part

plural la·cu·nae \-ˈkyü-(ˌ)nē, -ˈkü-ˌnī\ also la·cu·nas \-ˈkü-nəz, -ˈkyü-\

Full Definition of LACUNA

:  a blank space or a missing part :  gap <the evident lacunae in his story — Shirley Hazzard>; also :  deficiency 1 <despite all these lacunae, those reforms were a vast improvement — New Republic>
:  a small cavity, pit, or discontinuity in an anatomical structure
la·cu·nar \-ˈkü-nər, -ˈkyü-\ also la·cu·nate \lə-ˈkü-nət, -ˈkyü-, -ˌnāt; ˈla-kyə-ˌnāt\ adjective

Examples of LACUNA

  1. She found a lacuna in the historical record.
  2. <attributes many of the nation's problems to a lacuna of leadership at the top>

Origin of LACUNA

Latin, pool, pit, gap — more at lagoon
First Known Use: 1652


noun \lə-ˈk(y)ü-nə\   (Medical Dictionary)
plural la·cu·nae \-ˈkyü-(ˌ)nē, -ˈkü-ˌnī\

Medical Definition of LACUNA

: a small cavity, pit, or discontinuity in an anatomical structure: as a : one of the follicles in the mucous membrane of the urethra b : one of the minute cavities in bone or cartilage occupied by the osteocytes
la·cu·nar \-ˈk(y)ü-nər\ adjective

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