adjective lack·a·dai·si·cal \ˌla-kə-ˈdā-zi-kəl\

: feeling or showing a lack of interest or enthusiasm

Full Definition of LACKADAISICAL

:  lacking life, spirit, or zest :  languid
lack·a·dai·si·cal·ly \-k(ə-)lē\ adverb


  1. His teachers did not approve of his lackadaisical approach to homework.
  2. <feeling particularly lackadaisical in the summer heat, they lazily tossed a ball back and forth>


irregular from lackaday + -ical
First Known Use: 1768

Synonym Discussion of LACKADAISICAL

languid, languorous, lackadaisical, listless, spiritless mean lacking energy or enthusiasm. languid refers to an unwillingness or inability to exert oneself due to fatigue or physical weakness <was depressed and languid for weeks after surgery>. languorous suggests a dreamy boredom and delicacy that avoids unnecessary activity <languorous cats lying in the sun>. lackadaisical implies a carefree indifference marked by halfhearted efforts <lackadaisical college seniors pretending to study>. listless suggests a lack of interest caused by physical weakness or dissatisfied boredom <listless hospital patients> <listless children flipping through picture books on a rainy day>. spiritless refers to a lack of animation or vigor that gives one's actions and words life <a spiritless recital of the poem>.


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