noun \ˈkəm-ˌkwät\

: a fruit that looks like a small orange

Full Definition of KUMQUAT

:  any of several small yellow to orange citrus fruits with sweet spongy rind and somewhat acid pulp that are used chiefly for preserves; also :  a tree or shrub (genus Fortunella) of the rue family that bears kumquats

Origin of KUMQUAT

Chinese (Guangdong) gām-gwāt, from gām gold + gwāt citrus fruit
First Known Use: 1699


noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Any of several evergreen shrubs or small trees of the genus Fortunella (rue, or citrus, family), or their fruit. Native to eastern Asia, kumquats are cultivated throughout the subtropics. The mainly thornless branches bear dark green, glossy leaves and white, orangelike flowers. The small, bright orange-yellow, round or oval fruit has mildly acid, juicy pulp and a sweet, edible, pulpy skin. Kumquats may be eaten fresh, preserved, or candied, or made into jams and jellies. In the U.S., hybrids have been produced with other citrus fruits.


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