noun kan·ga·roo \ˌkaŋ-gə-ˈrü\

: an Australian animal that moves by hopping on its powerful rear legs

plural kan·ga·roos

Full Definition of KANGAROO

:  any of various herbivorous leaping marsupial mammals (family Macropodidae) of Australia, New Guinea, and adjacent islands with a small head, large ears, long powerful hind legs, a long thick tail used as a support and in balancing, and rather small forelegs not used in locomotion

Illustration of KANGAROO

Origin of KANGAROO

Guugu Yimidhirr (Australian aboriginal language of northern Queensland) gaŋurru
First Known Use: 1770
KANGAROO Defined for Kids


noun kan·ga·roo \ˌkaŋ-gə-ˈrü\
plural kan·ga·roos

Definition of KANGAROO for Kids

:  a leaping mammal of Australia and nearby islands that feeds on plants and has long powerful hind legs, a thick tail used as a support in standing or walking, and in the female a pouch on the abdomen in which the young are carried
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