adjective \ˈjü-sē\

: containing a lot of juice

: very interesting and exciting especially because of shocking or sexual elements

: involving or providing a large amount of money


Full Definition of JUICY

:  having much juice :  succulent
:  rewarding or profitable especially financially :  fat <juicy contract> <a juicy dramatic role>
a :  rich in interest :  colorful <juicy details>
b :  sensational, racy <a juicy scandal>
c :  full of vitality :  lusty
juic·i·ly \-sə-lē\ adverb
juic·i·ness \-sē-nəs\ noun

Examples of JUICY

  1. The meat is tender and juicy.
  2. a juicy bit of news
  3. I want to know all the juicy details.
  4. She sued her former boss and won a juicy settlement in court.

First Known Use of JUICY

15th century

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