verb \ˈjōlt\

: to cause (something or someone) to move in a quick and sudden way

: to move with a quick and sudden motion

: to surprise or shock (someone)

Full Definition of JOLT

transitive verb
:  to cause to move with a sudden jerky motion
:  to give a knock or blow to; specifically :  to jar with a quick or hard blow
a :  to disturb the composure of :  shock <crudely jolted out of that mood — Virginia Woolf>
b :  to interfere with roughly, abruptly, and disconcertingly <determination to pursue his own course was jolted badly — F. L. Paxson>
intransitive verb
:  to move with a sudden jerky motion
jolt·er noun

Examples of JOLT

  1. The explosion jolted the ship.
  2. He was jolted forward when the bus stopped suddenly.
  3. The loud bang jolted me awake.
  4. The attack jolted the country into action.
  5. She jolted the medical world with her announcement.

Origin of JOLT

probably blend of obsolete joll to strike and jot to bump
First Known Use: 1596

Rhymes with JOLT



: a sudden, rough movement

: a sudden shock or surprise

: a small but powerful amount of something

Full Definition of JOLT

:  an abrupt sharp jerky blow or movement
a (1) :  a sudden feeling of shock, surprise, or disappointment (2) :  an event or development causing such a feeling <the defeat was quite a jolt>
b :  a serious check or reverse <a severe financial jolt>
:  a small potent or bracing portion <a jolt of horseradish>
jolty \ˈjōl-tē\ adjective

Examples of JOLT

  1. I sprang out of bed with a jolt.
  2. The car stopped with a jolt.
  3. I got quite a jolt when I heard the door slam.
  4. The defeat was quite a jolt to the team.
  5. The stock market suffered a major jolt yesterday.
  6. She needed a jolt of caffeine to start her day.
  7. The unexpected praise he received gave him a jolt of confidence.

First Known Use of JOLT



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