noun \ˈjiŋ(k)s\

: someone or something that causes bad luck; also : a state or period of bad luck caused by a jinx

Full Definition of JINX

:  one that brings bad luck; also :  the state or spell of bad luck brought on by a jinx

Examples of JINX

  1. That guy is a jinx.
  2. He felt like he'd finally broken the jinx.
  3. She threatened to put a jinx on him.

Origin of JINX

perhaps alteration of jynx wryneck; from the use of wrynecks in witchcraft
First Known Use: 1911

Related to JINX

hex, hoodoo, Indian sign [chiefly British], whammy



: to bring bad luck to (someone or something)

Full Definition of JINX

transitive verb
:  to foredoom to failure or misfortune :  bring bad luck to

Examples of JINX

  1. I thought they were going to win but I didn't say so because I didn't want to jinx them.
  2. His luck has been so bad he feels jinxed.

First Known Use of JINX



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