noun \ˈjak\

: a device used for lifting something heavy (such as a car)

: a playing card that has a picture of a soldier or servant and that is worth more than a ten and less than a queen

: a small opening where something connects with a wire to something else

Full Definition of JACK

a :  man —usually used as an intensive in such phrases as every man jack
b often capitalized :  sailor
c (1) :  servant, laborer
(2) :  lumberjack
:  any of various usually mechanical devices: as
a :  a device for turning a spit
b :  a usually portable mechanism or device for exerting pressure or lifting a heavy body a short distance
:  something that supports or holds in position: as
a :  an iron bar at a topgallant masthead to support a royal mast and spread the royal shrouds
b :  a wooden brace fastened behind a scenic unit in a stage set to prop it up
a :  any of several fishes; especially :  any of various carangids
b :  a male donkey
c :  jackrabbit
d :  any of several birds (as a jackdaw)
a :  a small white target ball in lawn bowling
b :  a small national flag flown by a ship
c (1) plural but sing in constr :  a game played with a set of small objects that are tossed, caught, and moved in various figures
(2) :  a small 6-pointed metal object used in the game of jacks
a :  a playing card carrying the figure of a soldier or servant and ranking usually below the queen
b :  jackpot 1a(2)
slang :  money
:  a female fitting in an electric circuit used with a plug to make a connection with another circuit
a :  applejack
b :  brandy
:  jackknife 2

Examples of JACK

  1. <I'd buy that watch, but I don't have the jack right now.>
  2. <a Portuguese ship flying the national jack>

Origin of JACK

Middle English Jacke, familiar term of address to a social inferior, nickname for Johan John
First Known Use: 1548



Definition of JACK

intransitive verb
:  to hunt or fish at night with a jacklight
transitive verb
:  to hunt or fish for at night with a jacklight
a :  to move or lift by or as if by a jack
b :  to raise the level of —usually used with up <jack up the price>
c :  to take to task
jack·er noun

First Known Use of JACK

circa 1841


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