verb \in-ˈstrəkt\

: to teach (someone) a subject, skill, etc.

: to give (someone) an order or command

law : to give an order or an explanation of a law to (a jury)

Full Definition of INSTRUCT

transitive verb
:  to give knowledge to :  teach, train
:  to provide with authoritative information or advice <the judge instructed the jury>
:  to give an order or command to :  direct

Examples of INSTRUCT

  1. She instructed us that we were to remain in our seats.
  2. The judge instructed the jury that they should disregard the testimony of the last witness.
  3. She advised him to instruct a solicitor.

Origin of INSTRUCT

Middle English, from Latin instructus, past participle of instruere, from in- + struere to build — more at structure
First Known Use: 15th century

Other Education Terms

baccalaureate, colloquium, corequisite, dissertation, monograph, pedant, practicum, survey course, thesis


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