noun \ˈin-ˌset\

: a small map or picture that is shown on or next to a larger map or picture in order to show more detail

: a piece of something that is added to something larger often for decoration

Full Definition of INSET

a :  a place where something flows in :  channel
b :  a setting or flowing in
:  something that is inset: as
a :  a small graphic representation (as a map or picture) set within a larger one
b :  a piece of cloth set into a garment (as for decoration)
c :  a part or section of a utensil that fits into an outer part

Examples of INSET

  1. The floor is decorated with an inset of marble tiles.
  2. velvet dresses with silk insets

First Known Use of INSET


Other Cartography Terms

Robinson projection, benchmark, plat, projection, topography


verb \ˈin-ˌset, in-ˈ\

: to put (something) in something larger for decoration, to give information, etc.

: to put something into (something) often for decoration

inset or in·set·tedin·set·ting

Full Definition of INSET

transitive verb
:  set in; especially :  to insert within something else in such a way as to be visible
:  to provide with an inset

Examples of INSET

  1. inset a map in a larger map

First Known Use of INSET



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