verb \in-ˈkwī(-ə)r\

: to ask for information


Full Definition of INQUIRE

transitive verb
:  to ask about <some kindred spirit shall inquire thy fate — Thomas Gray>
:  to search into :  investigate
intransitive verb
:  to put a question :  seek for information by questioning <inquired about the horses>
:  to make investigation or inquiry —often used with into
in·quir·er noun
in·quir·ing·ly \-ˈkwī-riŋ-lē\ adverb
inquire after
:  to ask about the health of

Examples of INQUIRE

  1. When I inquired, they told me she was not here.
  2. We inquired the way to the station.
  3. So, what do you want? he inquired.

Origin of INQUIRE

Middle English enquiren, from Anglo-French enquerre, from Vulgar Latin *inquaerere, alteration of Latin inquirere, from in- + quaerere to seek
First Known Use: 13th century


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