noun, often attributive \ˈiŋk\

: colored liquid that is used for writing or printing

: public attention

biology : the black liquid that is used by some sea creatures for protection

Full Definition of INK

:  a colored usually liquid material for writing and printing
:  the black protective secretion of a cephalopod
slang :  publicity 2d
ink·i·ness \ˈiŋ-kē-nəs\ noun
inky \ˈiŋ-kē\ adjective

Examples of INK

  1. Fill out the form using blue or black ink.
  2. The printer is out of ink.
  3. We're using four different inks for this poster.

Origin of INK

Middle English enke, from Anglo-French encre, enke, from Late Latin encaustum, from neuter of Latin encaustus burned in, from Greek enkaustos, verbal of enkaiein to burn in — more at encaustic
First Known Use: 13th century



: to put ink on (something)

: to sign (a document) to show that you accept or agree with what is written on it

: to hire (someone) to do something by having that person sign a contract

Full Definition of INK

transitive verb
:  to put ink on <ink a pen>; also :  to draw or write on in ink
a :  sign 2a <inked a new contract>
b :  sign 4

Examples of INK

  1. They just inked a new partnership agreement.
  2. <the basketball star just inked a two-year contract with the most celebrated franchise in the NBA>

First Known Use of INK



noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Fluid or paste of various colours (usually black or dark blue) used for writing and printing, composed of a pigment or dye in a liquid “vehicle.” Early inks used lampblack (a form of carbon) or coloured juices, extracts, or suspensions of plant, animal, and mineral substances. Modern writing inks usually contain ferrous sulfate (see iron) with a small amount of an acid; on paper, they darken and bond, becoming permanent. Coloured and washable inks usually contain soluble synthetic dyes. Printing inks are formulated for various requirements (including colour, opacity, fade resistance, pliability, odourlessness, drying behaviour, and health and environmental safety) for uses in offset, letterpress, screen, ink-jet, laser, and other printing.


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