noun \(ˌ)pə-ˈbli-sə-tē, -ˈblis-tē\

: something that attracts the attention of the public

: attention that is given to someone or something by newspapers, magazines, television news programs, etc.

: the activity or business of getting people to give attention to someone or something

Full Definition of PUBLICITY

:  the quality or state of being public
a :  an act or device designed to attract public interest; specifically :  information with news value issued as a means of gaining public attention or support
b :  the dissemination of information or promotional material
c :  paid advertising
d :  public attention or acclaim

Examples of PUBLICITY

  1. His public appearances are good publicity for the new movie.
  2. An arrest for drunk driving is bad publicity for any celebrity.
  3. The film has gotten some good publicity.
  4. She has received a lot of publicity for her latest novel.
  5. The studio spent a lot of money on publicity for the movie.

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Other Business Terms

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