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verb in·jure \ˈin-jər\

: to harm or damage (someone or something)

in·juredin·jur·ing \ˈinj-riŋ, ˈin-jə-\

Full Definition of INJURE

transitive verb
a :  to do an injustice to :  wrong
b :  to harm, impair, or tarnish the standing of <injured his reputation>
c :  to give pain to <injure a person's pride>
a :  to inflict bodily hurt on
b :  to impair the soundness of <injured her health>
c :  to inflict material damage or loss on
in·jur·er \ˈin-jər-ər\ noun

Examples of INJURE

  1. She fell and injured herself.
  2. She fell and slightly injured her arm.
  3. Several people were badly injured in the accident.

Origin of INJURE

Middle English enjuren, from Anglo-French *enjurer, from Late Latin injuriare, from Latin injuria injury
First Known Use: 15th century

Synonym Discussion of INJURE

injure, harm, hurt, damage, impair, mar mean to affect injuriously. injure implies the inflicting of anything detrimental to one's looks, comfort, health, or success <badly injured in an accident>. harm often stresses the inflicting of pain, suffering, or loss <careful not to harm the animals>. hurt implies inflicting a wound to the body or to the feelings <hurt by their callous remarks>. damage suggests injury that lowers value or impairs usefulness <a table damaged in shipping>. impair suggests a making less complete or efficient by deterioration or diminution <years of smoking had impaired his health>. mar applies to injury that spoils perfection (as of a surface) or causes disfigurement <the text is marred by many typos>.

Rhymes with INJURE

INJURER Defined for Kids


verb in·jure \ˈin-jər\

Definition of INJURE for Kids

:  to cause pain or harm to <Two people were injured in the accident.> <The criticism injured my pride.>
Medical Dictionary


transitive verb in·jure \ˈin-jər\
in·juredin·jur·ing \ˈinj-(ə-)riŋ\

Medical Definition of INJURE

:  to inflict bodily hurt on
:  to impair the soundness of <injure your health>


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