verb in·grain \(ˌ)in-ˈgrān\

Definition of INGRAIN

transitive verb
:  to work indelibly into the natural texture or mental or moral constitution

Variants of INGRAIN

in·grain also en·grain \(ˌ)in-ˈgrān\

Examples of INGRAIN

  1. <the journalism professor has long ingrained his students with a deep respect for their chosen profession>
  2. <the third-world privation he had witnessed forever ingrained itself upon the young doctor's memory>

First Known Use of INGRAIN

circa 1641

Synonym Discussion of INGRAIN

infuse, suffuse, imbue, ingrain, inoculate, leaven mean to introduce one thing into another so as to affect it throughout. infuse implies a pouring in of something that gives new life or significance <new members infused enthusiasm into the club>. suffuse implies a spreading through of something that gives an unusual color or quality <a room suffused with light>. imbue implies the introduction of a quality that fills and permeates the whole being <imbue students with intellectual curiosity>. ingrain , used only in the passive or past participle, suggests the deep implanting of a quality or trait <clung to ingrained habits>. inoculate implies an imbuing or implanting with a germinal idea and often suggests stealth or subtlety <an electorate inoculated with dangerous ideas>. leaven implies introducing something that enlivens, tempers, or markedly alters the total quality <a serious play leavened with comic moments>.


adjective in·grain \ˈin-ˌgrān\

Definition of INGRAIN

a :  made of fiber that is dyed before being spun into yarn
b :  made of yarn that is dyed before being woven or knitted
:  thoroughly worked in :  innate

Examples of INGRAIN

  1. <an ingrain skepticism that saves him from falling for every hoax that comes along>

First Known Use of INGRAIN



noun in·grain \ˈin-ˌgrān\

Definition of INGRAIN

:  innate quality or character

First Known Use of INGRAIN



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