adjective \-tənt\

: not always acting or behaving in the same way

: not continuing to happen or develop in the same way

: having parts that disagree with each other : not in agreement with something

Full Definition of INCONSISTENT

:  lacking consistency: as
a :  not compatible with another fact or claim <inconsistent statements>
b :  containing incompatible elements <an inconsistent argument>
c :  incoherent or illogical in thought or actions :  changeable
d :  not satisfiable by the same set of values for the unknowns <inconsistent equations> <inconsistent inequalities>
in·con·sis·tent·ly adverb


  1. Customers have been complaining about the inconsistent service they have received.
  2. The pain has been inconsistent.
  3. Her grades have been inconsistent this school year.
  4. Their descriptions of the accident were inconsistent.
  5. The results of the two experiments were inconsistent.
  6. The decision was inconsistent with the company's policy.

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