adjective \in-ˈkō-ət, ˈin-kə-ˌwāt\

: not completely formed or developed yet

Full Definition of INCHOATE

:  being only partly in existence or operation :  incipient; especially :  imperfectly formed or formulated :  formless, incoherent <misty, inchoate suspicions that all is not well with the nation — J. M. Perry>
in·cho·ate·ly adverb
in·cho·ate·ness noun

Examples of INCHOATE

  1. <inchoate feelings of affection for a man whom she had, up till now, thought of as only a friend>

Origin of INCHOATE

Latin inchoatus, past participle of inchoare to start work on, perhaps from in- + cohum part of a yoke to which the beam of a plow is fitted
First Known Use: 1534

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