inasmuch as

conjunction in·as·much as \ˌi-nəz-ˈmə-chəz, -ˈməch-ˌaz\

—used to introduce a statement that explains, limits, or gives more specific information about what you have just said

Full Definition of INASMUCH AS

:  in the degree that :  insofar as
:  in view of the fact that :  since

Examples of INASMUCH AS

  1. <the economic forecast for the coming decade looks promising, inasmuch as we can predict that far in advance>
  2. <you should not use that source, inasmuch as it is badly out-of-date>

First Known Use of INASMUCH AS

14th century

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INASMUCH AS Defined for Kids

inasmuch as

conjunction in·as·much as \ˌi-nəz-ˈmə-chəz\

Definition of INASMUCH AS for Kids

:  considering that :  because <We're lucky inasmuch as no one was hurt.>


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