noun \ˈtō-ˌpaz\

: a clear yellow to brownish-yellow stone that is used as a jewel

Full Definition of TOPAZ

a :  a mineral that is essentially a silicate of aluminum and usually occurs in orthorhombic translucent or transparent crystals or in white translucent masses
b :  a usually yellow to brownish-yellow transparent mineral topaz used as a gem
c :  a yellow sapphire
d :  a yellow quartz
:  either of two large brilliantly colored South American hummingbirds (Topaza pella and T. pyra)

Origin of TOPAZ

Middle English topace, from Anglo-French, from Latin topazus, from Greek topazos
First Known Use: 13th century

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noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Topaz from Minas Gerais state, Brazil—Lee Boltin

Aluminum silicate mineral, AlSiO(F,OH), that is valued as a gemstone. It is formed by fluorine-bearing vapours given off during the last stages of the crystallization of igneous rocks. Pure topaz may be colourless and, when brilliant-cut, has been mistaken for diamond. It may also be various shades of yellow, blue, or brown. Imperial topaz, with vivid reddish orange colour, from Minas Gerais, Braz., is very highly valued.


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