adjective \i-ˈnān\

: very silly or stupid


Full Definition of INANE

:  lacking significance, meaning, or point :  silly <inane comments>
inane·ly adverb
inane·ness \-ˈnān-nəs\ noun

Examples of INANE

  1. I quickly tired of their inane comments.
  2. The film's plot is inane and full of clichés.
  3. All around us swirls the battering of gargantuan films, Styrofoam epics with megatons of special effects, gleefully inane adolescent films, horror films that really are horrible. —Stanley Kauffmann, New Republic, 15 Mar. 2004

Origin of INANE

Latin inanis
First Known Use: 1662


noun \i-ˈnān\

Definition of INANE

:  void or empty space <a voyage into the limitless inane — V. G. Childe>

Examples of INANE

  1. And thus likewise we sometimes speak of place, distance, or bulk in the great inane beyond the confines of the world. —John Locke, An Essay Concerning Human Understanding, 1689

Origin of INANE

(see 1inane)
First Known Use: 1677


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