noun ex·cess \ik-ˈses, ˈek-ˌ\

: an amount that is more than the usual or necessary amount

: behavior that is considered wrong because it goes beyond what is usual, normal, or proper

excesses : actions or ways of behaving that go beyond what is usual or proper

Full Definition of EXCESS

a :  the state or an instance of surpassing usual, proper, or specified limits :  superfluity
b :  the amount or degree by which one thing or quantity exceeds another <an excess of 10 bushels>
:  undue or immoderate indulgence :  intemperance; also :  an act or instance of intemperance <prevent excesses and abuses by newly created local powers — Albert Shanker>
in excess of
:  to an amount or degree beyond :  over

Examples of EXCESS

  1. They were equipped with an excess of provisions.
  2. The tests found an excess of sodium in his blood.
  3. He lived a life of excess.
  4. The movie embraces all the worst excesses of popular American culture.
  5. the violent excesses of the military regime
  6. He apologized for his past excesses.

Origin of EXCESS

Middle English, from Anglo-French or Late Latin; Anglo-French exces, from Late Latin excessus, from Latin, departure, projection, from excedere to exceed
First Known Use: 14th century



: more than is usual, allowed, or needed

Full Definition of EXCESS

:  more than the usual, proper, or specified amount

Examples of EXCESS

  1. Basketball provided an outlet for their excess energy.
  2. She is trying to eliminate excess fat and calories from her diet.

First Known Use of EXCESS

15th century



Definition of EXCESS

transitive verb
:  to eliminate the position of <excessed several teachers because of budget cutbacks>

First Known Use of EXCESS



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