adjective \(ˌ)im-ˈprä-pər\

: not correct

: not following rules of acceptable behavior : legally or morally wrong

: not suitable for the situation : not appropriate

Full Definition of IMPROPER

:  not proper: as
a :  not in accord with fact, truth, or right procedure :  incorrect <improper inference>
b :  not regularly or normally formed or not properly so called
c :  not suited to the circumstances, design, or end <improper medicine>
d :  not in accord with propriety, modesty, good manners, or good taste <improper language>
im·prop·er·ly adverb
im·prop·er·ness noun

Examples of IMPROPER

  1. The doctor gave him an improper diagnosis.
  2. They claim to have evidence of improper police conduct.
  3. improper use of public land
  4. This is an improper diet for a growing teenager.
  5. It would be improper for me to ask such a favor of her.
  6. He made some improper remarks.

Origin of IMPROPER

Middle English, from Middle French impropre, from Latin improprius, from in- + proprius proper
First Known Use: 15th century


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