noun \ˈhəsk\

: a usually thin, dry layer that covers some seeds and fruits

Full Definition of HUSK

a :  a usually dry or membranous outer covering (as a pod or one composed of bracts) of various seeds and fruits (as barley and corn) :  hull; also :  one of the constituent parts
b :  a carob pod
a :  an outer layer :  shell
b :  an emptied shell :  remnant
c :  a supporting framework

Examples of HUSK

  1. <a high stone wall is the husk that protects the actor from prying curiosity seekers>

Origin of HUSK

Middle English
First Known Use: 14th century

Rhymes with HUSK



: to remove the thin, dry layer that covers some seeds and fruits : to remove the husk from (something)

Full Definition of HUSK

transitive verb
:  to strip the husk from
husk·er noun

Examples of HUSK

  1. <the tedious task of husking coconuts>

First Known Use of HUSK


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noun \ˈhəsk\   (Medical Dictionary)

Medical Definition of HUSK

: hoose <an outbreak of husk was observed in a flock of 200 sheep—Veterinary Bulletin>


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