noun \ˈməsk\

: a strong-smelling substance used in perfume

Full Definition of MUSK

a :  a substance with a penetrating persistent odor obtained from a sac beneath the abdominal skin of the male musk deer and used as a perfume fixative; also :  a similar substance from another animal or a synthetic substitute
b :  the odor of musk; also :  an odor resembling musk especially in heaviness or persistence
:  any of various plants with musky odors; especially :  musk plant

Origin of MUSK

Middle English muske, from Middle French musc, from Late Latin muscus, from Late Greek moschos, from Middle Persian *mušk-, from Sanskrit muṣka testicle, from diminutive of mūṣ mouse; akin to Old English mūs mouse
First Known Use: 14th century

Other Biochemistry Terms

bile, biodegradable, capsaicin, keratin, metabolism

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