verb \ˈhərt\

: to cause pain or injury to (yourself, someone else, or a part of your body)

: to be a source or cause of pain

: to feel physical pain


Full Definition of HURT

transitive verb
a :  to inflict with physical pain :  wound
b :  to do substantial or material harm to :  damage <the dry summer has hurt the land>
a :  to cause emotional pain or anguish to :  offend
b :  to be detrimental to :  hamper <charges of graft hurt my chances of being elected>
intransitive verb
a :  to suffer pain or grief
b :  to be in need —usually used with for <hurting for money>
:  to cause damage or distress <hit where it hurts>
hurt adjective
hurt·er noun

Examples of HURT

  1. Be careful with that knife or you could hurt yourself.
  2. Ouch! You're hurting my arm!
  3. She was badly hurt in a car accident.
  4. My tooth still hurts me.
  5. When I woke up this morning I hurt all over.
  6. Their lack of interest in her work hurt her deeply.
  7. You're only hurting yourself by holding a grudge against them.
  8. It hurt me to see her go.
  9. The lack of rain has hurt the corn crop.
  10. If we lose this game it will seriously hurt our chances of making the play-offs.

Origin of HURT

Middle English, probably from Anglo-French hurter to strike, prick, collide with, probably of Germanic origin; akin to Old Norse hrūtr male sheep
First Known Use: 13th century



: mental or emotional pain

Full Definition of HURT

:  a cause of injury or damage :  blow
a :  a bodily injury or wound
b :  mental distress or anguish :  suffering
:  wrong, harm

Examples of HURT

  1. Her sympathy eased the hurt he felt after his dog's death.
  2. They felt a great hurt after their bitter divorce.
  3. She tried to put past hurts behind her.

First Known Use of HURT

13th century


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