verb \ˈskwərt\

: to suddenly force (a liquid) out through a small opening

of a liquid : to suddenly be forced out through a small opening

: to make (someone or something) wet with a stream of liquid

Full Definition of SQUIRT

intransitive verb
:  to come forth in a sudden rapid stream from a narrow opening :  spurt
transitive verb
:  to cause to squirt
squirt·er noun

Examples of SQUIRT

  1. He squirted some oil on the door hinge.
  2. She squirted ketchup all over her fries.
  3. Some snakes can squirt venom from their mouths.
  4. Water squirted out from a hole in the pipe.
  5. Juice from the lemon squirted into my eye.

Origin of SQUIRT

Middle English; akin to Low German swirtjen to squirt
First Known Use: 15th century

Rhymes with SQUIRT



: a small amount of liquid that is produced by squeezing or squirting something

: an annoying person who is small and usually young

Full Definition of SQUIRT

a :  an instrument (as a syringe) for squirting a liquid
b :  a small quick stream :  jet
c :  the action or an instance of squirting
a :  an impudent youngster
b :  kid 3

Examples of SQUIRT

  1. an annoying little squirt who kept pestering me
  2. Listen squirt, I'm in charge here.
  3. She started playing guitar when she was just a little squirt.

First Known Use of SQUIRT

15th century


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