verb \ˈhə-dəl\

: to come close together in a group

: to sit or lie in a curled or bent position

: to come together to talk about something privately

hud·dledhud·dling \ˈhəd-liŋ, ˈhə-dəl-iŋ\

Full Definition of HUDDLE

transitive verb
British :  to arrange carelessly or hurriedly
a :  to crowd together
b :  to draw (oneself) together :  crouch
:  to wrap closely in (as clothes)
intransitive verb
a :  to gather in a close-packed group
b :  to curl up :  crouch
a :  to hold a consultation
b :  to gather in a huddle in football
hud·dler \ˈhəd-lər, ˈhə-dəl-ər\ noun

Examples of HUDDLE

  1. We huddled around the campfire.
  2. The sheep huddled together for warmth.
  3. The students huddled over their desks.
  4. Union representatives are huddling to discuss the proposal.

Origin of HUDDLE

probably from or akin to Middle English hoderen to huddle
First Known Use: 1579

Rhymes with HUDDLE



: a group of people or things that are close to each other

: a private discussion or meeting

American football : a group of players who have gathered away from the line of scrimmage for a short time to hear instructions for the next play

Full Definition of HUDDLE

:  a close-packed group :  bunch <huddles of children> <a huddle of cottages>
a :  meeting, conference
b :  a brief gathering of football players away from the line of scrimmage to receive instructions (as from the quarterback) for the next down

Examples of HUDDLE

  1. sheep standing in a huddle
  2. The boss is in a huddle with the marketing director.
  3. The quarterback called the offense into a huddle.

First Known Use of HUDDLE


Other Field and Goal Sports Terms

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Rhymes with HUDDLE


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