hot dog


1hot dog

noun \ˈhät-ˌdg\

: a small cooked sausage that is mild in flavor and is usually served in a long roll (called a hot dog bun)

: a person (such as an athlete) who performs or plays in a way that is meant to attract attention : a person who hotdogs

—used to express approval or pleasure

Full Definition of HOT DOG

:  frankfurter; especially :  a frankfurter heated and served in a long split roll
[perhaps from 2hot dog] :  one that hotdogs; also :  show-off

Examples of HOT DOG

  1. The other players on the team don't like him because he's such a hot dog.

First Known Use of HOT DOG


2hot dog

interjection \ˈhät-ˈdg\

Definition of HOT DOG

—used to express approval or gratification

Examples of HOT DOG

  1. <Hot dog! the child cried, We're going to the circus!>

First Known Use of HOT DOG

circa 1906

Related to HOT DOG

glory (or glory be), ha (or hah), hallelujah, hey, hooray, huzzah, wahoo [chiefly West], whee, whoopee, yahoo, yippee


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