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noun \ˈhrd\

: a large group of people

Full Definition of HORDE

a :  a political subdivision of central Asian nomads
b :  a people or tribe of nomadic life
:  a teeming crowd or throng :  swarm

Examples of HORDE

  1. A horde of tourists entered the museum.
  2. Hordes of reporters were shouting questions.

Origin of HORDE

Middle French, German, & Polish; Middle French & German, from Polish horda, from Ukrainian dialect gorda, alteration of Ukrainian orda, from Old Russian, from Turkic orda, ordu khan's residence
First Known Use: 1555

Synonym Discussion of HORDE

crowd, throng, horde, crush, mob mean an assembled multitude. crowd implies a close gathering and pressing together <a crowd gathered>. throng and horde suggest movement and pushing <a throng of reporters> <a horde of shoppers>. crush emphasizes the compactness of the group, the difficulty of individual movement, and the attendant discomfort <a crush of fans>. mob implies a disorderly crowd with the potential for violence <an angry mob>.

Other Anthropology Terms

ectomorph, ethnography, prehistory, yurt
HORDE Defined for Kids


noun \ˈhrd\

Definition of HORDE for Kids

:  multitude, swarm <a horde of ants>


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