noun, often attributive \ˈhüp also ˈhp\

: a circular object : a large ring

: a large metal ring used for holding together the sides of a barrel

: a large ring used by performers or for play

Full Definition of HOOP

:  a circular strip used especially for holding together the staves of containers or as a plaything
a :  a circular figure or object :  ring
b :  the rim of a basketball goal; broadly :  the entire goal
:  a circle or series of circles of flexible material used to expand a woman's skirt
:  basketball —usually used in plural
hoop·like \-ˌlīk\ adjective

Examples of HOOP

  1. <made Christmas garlands from hoops of red and green construction paper>

Origin of HOOP

Middle English, from Old English hōp; akin to Middle Dutch hoep ring, hoop
First Known Use: 12th century



Definition of HOOP

transitive verb
:  to bind or fasten with or as if with a hoop
hoop·er noun

First Known Use of HOOP

15th century


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