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adjective ho·mo·ge·neous \ˌhō-mə-ˈjē-nē-əs, -nyəs\

Simple Definition of homogeneous

  • : made up of the same kind of people or things

Source: Merriam-Webster's Learner's Dictionary

Full Definition of homogeneous

  1. 1 :  of the same or a similar kind or nature

  2. 2 :  of uniform structure or composition throughout <a culturally homogeneous neighborhood>

  3. 3 :  having the property that if each variable is replaced by a constant times that variable the constant can be factored out :  having each term of the same degree if all variables are considered <a homogeneous equation>

homogeneously adverb
homogeneousness noun

Examples of homogeneous in a sentence

  1. In their natural state, mountains of this type are almost entirely covered by dense forest. The wooded landscape is very uniform, lacking in contrast, and any disturbance of the homogeneous green blanket is very obvious … —John Crowley, Focus on Geography, Winter 2007

  2. One odd side effect is that, during the last 20 years, the formerly homogeneous, rather stodgy world of academic criticism has diversified into an incoherent mob of competing factions. —Walter Kendrick New York Times Book Review, 24 Dec. 1995

  3. The Benedictine convents for women, which had begun to be founded soon after Benedict's day, became particularly homogeneous in their social composition. The nuns of the ninth and tenth centuries were all high-born ladies, and it was almost impossible to be admitted to these convents without being a widowed or maiden relative of an important lord. —Norman F. Cantor, The Civilization of the Middle Ages, 1993

  4. a fairly homogeneous collection of examples

Did You Know?

The scientific theories of Jules Verne's bold French adventurer, Michel Ardan, might have been a bit flawed (it's more accurate to classify the solar system as "heterogenous" - that is, consisting of dissimilar ingredients or constituents), but his use of the English word homogeneous was perfectly correct. Homogeneous, which derives from the Greek roots homos, meaning "same," and genos, meaning "kind," has been used in English since the mid-1600s. The similar word homogenous (originally created for the science of genetics and used with the meaning "of, relating to, or derived from another individual of the same species") can also be a synonym of homogeneous. The words need not be used exclusively in scientific contexts - one can speak of, for example, "a homogenous/homogeneous community."

Origin of homogeneous

Medieval Latin homogeneus, homogenus, from Greek homogenēs, from hom- + genos kind — more at kin

First Known Use: 1641

Medical Dictionary


adjective ho·mo·ge·neous \-ˈjē-nē-əs, -nyəs\

Medical Definition of homogeneous

  1. :  of uniform structure or composition throughout

homogeneously adverb
homogeneousness noun

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