hold out

hold out


Definition of HOLD OUT

intransitive verb
:  to remain unsubdued or unyielding <where 30 of the … refugees were still holding out — Anna Tomforde>; also :  to continue to function or be available :  last <prayed that the engine would hold out> <as long as our money holds out>
:  to refuse to go along with others in a concerted action or to come to an agreement <holding out for a shorter workweek>
transitive verb
:  to present as something realizable :  proffer
:  to represent to be
hold out on
:  to withhold something (as information) from

Examples of HOLD OUT

  1. <we hoped our supply of firewood would hold out until power was restored>
  2. <luckily, the old outboard motor held out till we made it to shore>

First Known Use of HOLD OUT

circa 1556


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