verb \ˈhelp; Southern often ˈhep also ˈheəp\

: to do something that makes it easier for someone to do a job, to deal with a problem, etc. : to aid or assist someone

: to make something less severe : to make something more pleasant or easier to deal with

: to give (yourself or another person) food or drink

Full Definition of HELP

transitive verb
:  to give assistance or support to <help a child with homework>
a :  to make more pleasant or bearable :  improve, relieve <bright curtains will help the room> <took an aspirin to help her headache>
b archaic :  rescue, save
a :  to be of use to :  benefit
b :  to further the advancement of :  promote
a :  to change for the better
b :  to refrain from :  avoid <we couldn't help laughing>
c :  to keep from occurring :  prevent <they couldn't help the accident>
d :  to restrain (oneself) from doing something <knew they shouldn't go but couldn't help themselves>
:  to serve with food or drink especially at a meal <told the guests to help themselves>
:  to appropriate something for (oneself) <helped himself to the car keys>
intransitive verb
:  give assistance or support —often used with out <helps out with the housework>
:  to be of use or benefit
so help me
:  upon my word :  believe it or not

Examples of HELP

  1. Don't blame me: I was only trying to help!
  2. Help! Somebody call the police!
  3. She took an aspirin to help her headache.
  4. Humor often helps a tense situation.
  5. It's not much money, but every little bit helps.

Origin of HELP

Middle English, from Old English helpan; akin to Old High German helfan to help, and perhaps to Lithuanian šelpti
First Known Use: before 12th century

Rhymes with HELP



: activities or efforts that make it easier to do a job, deal with a problem, etc.

: something (such as money or advice) that is given to someone who needs it

: someone or something that makes it easier to do a job, deal with a problem, etc.

Full Definition of HELP

:  a source of aid <printed helps to the memory — C. S. Braden>
:  remedy, relief <there was no help for it>
a :  one who serves or assists another (as in housework) :  helper
b :  employee <help wanted> —often used collectively <the hired help>

Examples of HELP

  1. He thanked us for our help.
  2. I could use some help with the dishes.
  3. We could hear shouts for help coming from the house.
  4. He's been more of a hindrance than a help.

First Known Use of HELP

before 12th century


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