adjective heav·en·ly \-lē\

: appearing or occurring in the sky

: of or relating to heaven : divine or blessed

: very pleasant or good

Full Definition of HEAVENLY

:  of or relating to heaven or the heavens :  celestial <the heavenly choirs> <use a telescope to study the heavenly bodies>
a :  suggesting the blessed state of heaven :  beatific <heavenly peace>
b :  delightful
heav·en·li·ness noun

Examples of HEAVENLY

  1. the moon, stars, and other heavenly bodies
  2. <had a heavenly time at the dance>

First Known Use of HEAVENLY

before 12th century

Related to HEAVENLY

A-OK, A1, awesome, bang-up, banner, beautiful, blue-chip, blue-ribbon, boffo, bonny (also bonnie) [chiefly British], boss [slang], brag, brave, bully, bumper, capital, choice, classic, cool [slang], corking, crackerjack, cracking, dandy, divine, dope [slang], down [slang], dynamite, fab, fabulous, famous, fantabulous [slang], fantastic, fine, first-class, first-rate, first-string, five-star, four-star, frontline, gangbusters (also gangbuster), gilt-edged (or gilt-edge), gone [slang], grand, great, groovy, excellent, high-class, hot, hype [slang], immense, jim-dandy, keen, lovely, marvelous (or marvellous), mean, neat, nifty, noble, number one (also No. 1), numero uno, out-of-sight [slang], par excellence, peachy, peachy keen, phat [slang], prime, primo [slang], prize, prizewinning, quality, radical [slang], righteous [slang], sensational, slick, splendid, stellar, sterling, superb, superior, superlative, supernal, swell, terrific, tip-top, top, top-flight, top-notch, top-of-the-line, topping [chiefly British], top-shelf, unsurpassed, wizard [chiefly British], wonderful
atrocious, awful, execrable, lousy, pathetic, poor, rotten, terrible, vile, wretched
HEAVENLINESS Defined for Kids


adjective heav·en·ly \ˈhe-vən-lē\

Definition of HEAVENLY for Kids

:  occurring or situated in the sky <The sun, moon, and stars are heavenly bodies.>
:  1divine 1 <heavenly angels>
:  entirely delightful <heavenly weather>


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