noun head·line \-ˌlīn\

: the title written in large letters over a story in a newspaper

headlines : the major news stories reported in newspapers, magazines, or television news programs

Full Definition of HEADLINE

:  words set at the head of a passage or page to introduce or categorize
a :  a head of a newspaper story or article usually printed in large type and giving the gist of the story or article that follows
b plural :  front-page news <the scandal made headlines>

Examples of HEADLINE

  1. The story of his arrest appeared beneath the headline Caught!.
  2. She only had time to scan the headlines before she had to rush out the door.
  3. Surprising developments have kept the murder investigation in the headlines for several weeks.
  4. She has grabbed the headlines by making public accusations of corruption within the government.
  5. The murder investigation has been in the headlines for several weeks.

First Known Use of HEADLINE


Rhymes with HEADLINE

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: to provide (a newspaper story) with a headline

: to be the main performer in (a show or concert)

Full Definition of HEADLINE

transitive verb
:  to provide with a headline
:  to publicize highly
:  to be engaged as a leading performer in (a show)

Examples of HEADLINE

  1. The band is headlining the music festival.

First Known Use of HEADLINE




Definition of HEADLINE

:  deserving mention in a headline :  very noteworthy <the headline abduction of a diplomat>

First Known Use of HEADLINE

HEADLINE Defined for Kids


noun head·line \ˈhed-ˌlīn\

Definition of HEADLINE for Kids

:  a title of an article in a newspaper


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