noun head·ing \ˈhe-diŋ\

: the direction in which a ship or aircraft points

: a word, phrase, etc., that is placed at the beginning of a document, passage, etc., or at the top of a page

: a name or label used for a group of people or things

Full Definition of HEADING

a :  something that forms or serves as a head; especially :  an inscription, headline, or title standing at the top or beginning (as of a letter or chapter)
b :  the address and date at the beginning of a letter showing its place and time of origin
:  the compass direction in which the longitudinal axis of a ship or aircraft points; broadly :  direction
:  drift 6

Examples of HEADING

  1. What is your current heading?
  2. We organized all the recipes under different subject headings.
  3. His paintings usually fall under the heading of realism.

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HEADING Defined for Kids


noun head·ing \ˈhe-diŋ\

Definition of HEADING for Kids

:  something (as a title or an address) at the top or beginning (as of a letter)
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