adjective hack·neyed \ˈhak-nēd\

: not interesting, funny, etc., because of being used too often : not fresh or original

Full Definition of HACKNEYED

:  lacking in freshness or originality <hackneyed slogans>

Examples of HACKNEYED

  1. <it's hackneyed, but true—the more you save the more you earn>

First Known Use of HACKNEYED


Synonym Discussion of HACKNEYED

trite, hackneyed, stereotyped, threadbare mean lacking the freshness that evokes attention or interest. trite applies to a once effective phrase or idea spoiled from long familiarity <“you win some, you lose some” is a trite expression>. hackneyed stresses being worn out by overuse so as to become dull and meaningless <all of the metaphors and images in the poem are hackneyed>. stereotyped implies falling invariably into the same pattern or form <views of minorities that are stereotyped and out-of-date>. threadbare applies to what has been used until its possibilities of interest have been totally exhausted <a mystery novel with a threadbare plot>.

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