verb \ˈgrōp\

: to search for something by reaching or touching usually with your fingers in an awkward way

: to move forward carefully by putting your hands in front of you so that you can feel anything that blocks you

: to touch (someone) in an unwanted and unexpected sexual way


Full Definition of GROPE

intransitive verb
:  to feel about blindly or uncertainly in search <grope for the light switch>
:  to look for something blindly or uncertainly <grope for the right words>
:  to feel one's way
transitive verb
:  feel up
:  to find (as one's way) by groping
grope noun
grop·er noun

Examples of GROPE

  1. I groped for the light switch.
  2. She groped around in her purse, looking for her comb.
  3. We groped along the dark passage.
  4. She claims that her boss tried to grope her.

Origin of GROPE

Middle English, from Old English grāpian; akin to Old English grīpan to seize
First Known Use: before 12th century

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