adjective \ˈslōp\

Definition of SLOPE

:  that slants :  sloping —often used in combination <slope-sided>

Origin of SLOPE

Middle English sloop, probably from aslope, adverb, at an angle
First Known Use: 15th century

Rhymes with SLOPE



: to not be level : to have a downward or upward slant

: to not be straight : to lean or slant to the left or right


Full Definition of SLOPE

intransitive verb
:  to take an oblique course
:  to lie or fall in a slant :  incline
:  go, travel <slopes off into the night — Wolcott Gibbs>
transitive verb
:  to cause to incline or slant
slop·er noun

Examples of SLOPE

  1. His handwriting slopes to the left.
  2. <they sloped our new driveway too steeply and now my car scrapes bottom whenever I back out onto the street>

First Known Use of SLOPE




: ground that slants downward or upward : ground that slopes

: an area of land on a mountain that is used for skiing

: an upward or downward slant

Full Definition of SLOPE

:  ground that forms a natural or artificial incline
:  upward or downward slant or inclination or degree of slant
:  the part of a continent draining to a particular ocean <Alaska's North Slope>
a :  the tangent of the angle made by a straight line with the x-axis
b :  the slope of the line tangent to a plane curve at a point

Examples of SLOPE

  1. They climbed the steep slope.
  2. What is the angle of the slope?
  3. You can adjust the slope of the ramp.
  4. a slope of 30 degrees

First Known Use of SLOPE

circa 1568

Other Geology Terms

anthracite, boulder, cwm, erratic, igneous, intrusive, mesa, sedimentary, silt, swale
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