adjective gre·gar·i·ous \gri-ˈger-ē-əs\

: enjoying the company of other people

biology : tending to live in groups

Full Definition of GREGARIOUS

a :  tending to associate with others of one's kind :  social
b :  marked by or indicating a liking for companionship :  sociable
c :  of or relating to a social group
a of a plant :  growing in a cluster or a colony
b :  living in contiguous nests but not forming a true colony —used especially of wasps and bees
gre·gar·i·ous·ly adverb
gre·gar·i·ous·ness noun

Examples of GREGARIOUS

  1. She is outgoing and gregarious.
  2. <a gregarious child who ran up to every person on the playground and wanted to be their friend>
  3. [J.P.] Morgan was attracted to bright, self-possessed women who met him on his own ground, felt at home in society, and shared his gregarious instincts and sybaritic tastes. —Jean Strouse, New Yorker, 29 Mar. 1999


Latin gregarius of a flock or herd, from greg-, grex flock, herd
First Known Use: 1668

Other Botany Terms

annual, burgeon, chloroplast, nomenclature, succulent, sylvan, xylem
GREGARIOUSLY Defined for Kids


adjective gre·gar·i·ous \gri-ˈger-ē-əs\

Definition of GREGARIOUS for Kids

:  enjoying the company of other people
:  tending to live in a flock, herd, or community rather than alone <gregarious insects>


The Latin word grex, meaning flock,and its form gregis give us the root greg. Words from the Latin grex have something to do with flocks or groups. Anyone gregarious, or social, enjoys being part of the flock. To congregate is to gather as a flock or crowd. To segregate is to separate away from others or away from the flock.


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