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Synonyms and Antonyms of gregarious

  1. 1 likely to seek or enjoy the company of others <a gregarious child who ran up to every person on the playground and wanted to be their friend> Synonyms boon, clubbable (also clubable), clubby, companionable, extroverted (also extraverted), convivial, outgoing, sociable, socialRelated Words cordial, folksy, forthcoming, friendly, hospitable; affable, genial, gracious; agreeable, amiable, congenial, kindly, neighborly; animated, gay, jaunty, jolly, jovial, lively, peppy, perky, pert, spirited, sprightful, sprightly, vivacious; communicative, expansive, garrulous, talkative; bright, buoyant, cheerful, chipper, effervescent, upbeat; bubbly, exuberant, high-spiritedNear Antonyms misanthropic; aloof, cold, cool, detached, distant, frosty, remote, reserved, standoffish; mum, mute, reticent, silent, taciturnAntonyms antisocial, insociable, introverted, nongregarious, reclusive, unsociable, unsocial

  2. 2 tending to group with others of the same kind <walruses are highly gregarious> Synonyms colonial, sociable, socialRelated Words associational, consociational, subsocial; dependent, parasitic (also parasitical), precocial, symbioticNear Antonyms autonomous, independent, self-contained, semiautonomous, semi-independent; altricial, self-subsistent, self-sufficient, self-supporting, self-sustaining; lone, recluse, reclusive, unsociableAntonyms nonsocial, solitary

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