adjective \ˈglü-mē\

: somewhat dark : not bright or sunny

: causing feelings of sadness : not hopeful or promising

: sad or depressed


Full Definition of GLOOMY

a :  partially or totally dark; especially :  dismally and depressingly dark <gloomy weather>
b :  having a frowning or scowling appearance :  forbidding <a gloomy countenance>
c :  low in spirits :  melancholy
a :  causing gloom :  depressing <a gloomy story> <a gloomy landscape>
b :  lacking in promise or hopefulness :  pessimistic <gloomy prophecies> <a gloomy future>
gloom·i·ly \-mə-lē\ adverb
gloom·i·ness \-mē-nəs\ noun

Examples of GLOOMY

  1. We've had a week of gloomy weather.
  2. The news continues to be gloomy.
  3. She doesn't agree with their gloomy economic forecasts.
  4. His book paints a gloomy picture of the prospects for peace.
  5. I've never seen you looking so gloomy.

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