verb \ˈglüm\

Definition of GLOOM

intransitive verb
:  to look, feel, or act sullen or despondent
:  to be or become overcast
:  to loom up dimly
transitive verb
:  to make dark, murky, or somber :  make gloomy

Examples of GLOOM

  1. <we just sat there, glooming, as we waited and waited for our dinners to arrive>
  2. <he continued to gloom over the fact that he had been passed over for promotion to district manager>

Origin of GLOOM

Middle English gloumen
First Known Use: 14th century

Related to GLOOM



: partial or total darkness

: a feeling of sadness

Full Definition of GLOOM

a :  partial or total darkness
b :  a dark or shadowy place
a :  lowness of spirits :  dejection
b :  an atmosphere of despondency <a gloom fell over the household>

Examples of GLOOM

  1. The painting captures the gloom of a foggy night.
  2. He walked away, disappearing into the gloom.
  3. the gloom of the forest
  4. He was often subject to periods of gloom.
  5. A cloud of gloom has descended over the city.

First Known Use of GLOOM



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