give up

give up


Definition of GIVE UP

transitive verb
:  to yield control or possession of :  surrender <forced to give up his job>
:  to desist from :  abandon <refused to give up her efforts>
:  to declare incurable or insoluble
a :  to abandon (oneself) to a particular feeling, influence, or activity <gave himself up to despair>
b :  to devote to a particular purpose or use
:  to despair of seeing <we'd given you up>
:  to allow (a hit or run in baseball) while pitching
intransitive verb
:  to cease doing or attempting something especially as an admission of defeat :  quit —often used with on <don't give up on the project>
give up the ghost
:  to cease to live or function :  die

Examples of GIVE UP

  1. <was in so much debt he had to give up his house and move into a cheaper apartment>
  2. <I hope you won't give up playing the piano.>

First Known Use of GIVE UP

13th century


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