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adjective gen·u·ine \ˈjen-yə-wən, -(ˌ)win, ÷-ˌwīn\

Simple Definition of genuine

  • : actual, real, or true : not false or fake

  • : sincere and honest

Source: Merriam-Webster's Learner's Dictionary

Full Definition of genuine

  1. 1 a :  actually having the reputed or apparent qualities or character <genuine vintage wines> b :  actually produced by or proceeding from the alleged source or author <the signature is genuine> c :  sincerely and honestly felt or experienced <a deep and genuine love> d :  actual, true <a genuine improvement>

  2. 2 :  free from hypocrisy or pretense :  sincere

genuinely adverb
genuineness play \-wə(n)-nəs\ noun

Usage Discussion of genuine

The objection which some commentators make to the pronunciation \ˈjen-yə-ˌwīn\ is perhaps occasioned by the fact that it is more frequent among those with less schooling. However, this variant is heard in the speech of cultured or highly educated speakers sufficiently frequently for it to be recognized as a widespread pronunciation at all social levels. This variant was recorded as early as 1890 and appears to be simply a long-standing spelling pronunciation.

Examples of genuine in a sentence

  1. But whatever else he is, he is the genuine article. A writer of one terrible book after another, but a writer nonetheless. —Dale Peck, New Republic, 1 July 2002

  2. Having had two brothers, a sister and a brother-in-law die violently, he acquired a genuine identification with suffering, particularly that of what has come to be called the underclass. —George F. Will, New York Times Book Review,24 May 1998

  3. Like a poem, a genuine essay is made of language and character and mood and temperament and pluck and chance. —Cynthia Ozick, Atlantic, September 1998

  4. There has been a genuine improvement in the economy in recent months.

  5. She showed a genuine interest in our work.

  6. He has always shown a genuine concern for poor people.

  7. a genuine desire to help others

  8. She seems to be a very genuine person.

Origin of genuine

Latin genuinus innate, genuine; akin to Latin gignere to beget — more at kin

First Known Use: circa 1639

Synonym Discussion of genuine

authentic, genuine, bona fide mean being actually and exactly what is claimed. authentic implies being fully trustworthy as according with fact <an authentic account of the perilous journey>; it can also stress painstaking or faithful imitation of an original <an authentic reproduction> <authentic Vietnamese cuisine>. genuine implies actual character not counterfeited, imitated, or adulterated <genuine piety> <genuine maple syrup>; it also connotes definite origin from a source <a genuine Mark Twain autograph>. bona fide implies good faith and sincerity of intention <a bona fide offer for the stock>.

GENUINE Defined for Kids


adjective gen·u·ine \ˈjen-yə-wən\

Definition of genuine for Students

  1. 1 :  actual, real, or true :  not false or fake <genuine gold>

  2. 2 :  sincere and honest <She showed genuine interest.>

genuinely adverb

Law Dictionary


adjective gen·u·ine

Legal Definition of genuine

  1. :  actually having the reputed or apparent qualities or character; specifically :  free of forgery or counterfeiting — see also genuine issue at issue

genuinely adverb
genuineness noun

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